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  Outside Plant Products - Duct


Standard Put-Up Reel Lengths and Dimensions:
1.00" - SDR 13.5 - 2000’ - 7000’
1.25" - SDR 13.5 - 2000’ - 5200’
1.50" - SDR 13.5 - 2000’ - 4000’
2.00" - SDR 13.5 - 2000’ - 4000’
3.00" - SDR 13.5 - 2000’ - 4000’
4.00" - SDR 13.5 - 550’ - 766'
6.00" - SDR 13.5 - 450’

Special Put-Ups and Runs available (Multiple Colors, Parallel, Segmented)
Colors: Orange, Red and Black. Other colors available
Available in SDR 9, 11, 13.5, 15.5, and 17.0
Order with or without pull tape, with or without lube, smooth or ribbed


PVC Duct
Type EB Duct, DB Duct, Sweeps and fittings
Type B Duct, C Duct, D Duct and fittings

In Stock at Georgia Underground!


Galvanized: Allied Rigid is precision manufactured for dependable, long-lasting value and protection for the electrical raceway system. Allied Rigid also provides radiation protection, magnetic shielding and resists impact.

American Made!
Standard 14 ga. (others available)
Available in multiple sizes from Georgia Underground

Split Steel: Revolutionary Concept for Mechanical Protection of Cables, Conduits and Pipes for Surface and Underground Installations:

Bridge Crossings; Temporary and Emergency Repairs; Industrial Plant Services; Pole Risers; Enclose and Protect Other Line Services; Utility Entrances; Surface and Underground; Telephone Duct Repair; Anywhere cabling needs would require future access; and anywhere mechanical protection is needed.

Mechanically superior to other designs
6 size program to minimize application space
Installs fast, saves time and labor costs
Allows for future capacity or design upgrades
Provides quick protection to exposed services
Meets utility needs for mechanical protection
Belled end for smooth bore and slip-fit joining
Direct transition for tubular steel or PVC Pipes
Eliminates pipe threading and pulling problems
Flanged Sections provide own hanger
Split-Duct spacers available for extra capacity

Applications include
Utility Entrances
Pole Risers
Surface and Underground
Temporary and Emergency Repairs
Enclose and Protect other line services
Telephone Duct Repair

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PE Water Pipe: Manufactured in sizes 1/2" thru 12" in both IPS and DIPS.  Meets AWWA and NSF Standards for potable water.  Coils or reels available in 6" and smaller sizes.  Straight lengths available in all sizes.  Most common sizes and DR ratings are in stock and can be shipped direct to job site or distributor stock in 3-5 working days.  Special Sizes, Perforations, and DR ratings are available upon request with some of the quickest turn around times in the industry. 


PVC Split Duct: Carlon Split Duct is the fast and easy way to repair broken ductwork without the costly cutting and resplicing of your conductors. Our unique tongue-and-groove design leads the industry in providing a strong, rigid solution for duct repair situations. The interlocking design allows the split duct sections to be staggered and butted together. Joints may be sealed with tape and reinforced with plastic or metallic straps to produce a rigid, stable unit.

In Stock!

Multi-Cell: PVC, Fiberglas and Galvanized. 3 way and 4 way.


Bore-Gard®: Carlon’s PVC Bore-Gard conduit eliminates the costly problems of HDPE pipe on a reel such as reel
handling, fusion welding, uncoiling and wasted pipe, safety hazards and additional job site labor. Bore-Gard is designed and proven to meet the rigorous requirements of horizontal directional drilling for electrical and datacom applications and is available in Heavywall Schedule 40 or Extra Heavywall Schedule 80 conduit. The unique design incorporates a water-tight seal and locking ring that enables fast, cement-free assembly, strong enough for 1000 foot bores. Short lengths of 10 and 20 feet fit into the tightest spaces and can be easily transported to the job site. Simplify trenchless installations and lower your costs with Bore-Gard.

Type 40 & 80, 10' and 20' available.


Corrugated Duct: Corrugated HDPE is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is intended for innerduct applications. It’s ideal for pulls under 1000 ft. and is designed to reduce surface contact when pulling cable. And because this product is lightweight and offers maximum flexibility, installation in small or restricted locations is made easier.

HPE corrugated duct is available in sizes 1" through 2" and is offered in a variety of colors. Custom options are also available to satisfy the requirements of most installations.

PE Corrugated Options

• Sizes 1" – 2"
• Sequentially marked footage
• Multiple colors and stripes
• Factory installed pull tape




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