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  Cable Handling - Pull Grips


Condux® Pull Grips
GUS Grips (info coming soon)

Pull Grips: Pulling Grips offer excellent means of pulling electrical cable, bare conductors, copper telephone cable or rope through conduit. Grips are made of high-quality galvanized steel strand to assure long life. Under normal conditions, the grips should be used with a safety factor of five, but this will vary depending on the situation. The tension, diameter, movement, number of objects gripped, gripping surface and the attachments used are some of the variables affecting the safety factor. In addition, the effects of abrasion, corrosion, prior use or misuse must be considered and the grip replaced when necessary. The safety factor is ultimately determined by the user.

Fiber Optic Pulling Grips are also available. They feature a special weave that provides positive holding power while allowing the grip to remain flexible, ensuring cable protection.




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